Article Review 2

Article:  In Today’s Workplace, Women Feel More Free to be Women

In this article Ellen Joan Pollock discusses the implications of change in women’s behavior in the workplace over the several decades since women entered the workforce en mass.  According to Pollock, thirty years ago successful women presented themselves as asexual, hard-working individuals who had no personal life.  Now, women are more comfortable exhibiting more feminine behavior at work such as wearing feminine clothes, using their charm and even flirting with the men in the office.  Pollock considers these new behaviors and whether the changes are good for women or corporate life.

The article seems to conclude that certain behaviors offer advantages over others and that anyone, not only women, can develop behaviors that are complimentary with their personality.  I agree with this approach.  In general, sales involves perfecting one’s script that enables one to take advantage of opportunities.  One’s script can be more than just words, and in fact will be much more effective if it is a complete presentation of behavior and words.  If the behaviors are flirtation, smiling or other feminine behaviors and they are effective, then one should use them.

Article:  Study says flirtatious women get fewer raises, promotions

Del Jones presents a case against women acting too suggestively at work, namely that women engaging in such behavior earn fewer raises and promotions.  This article is a good check against the previous article in that it says flirtatious behavior can go too far.  As men and women learn how to behave in a co-ed environment, it seems that we need to refine what behavior is mature, confident, and professional in the workplace for each gender.

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