Agile Project Management: First Post

Agile Project Management is the currently most effective way to manage software projects and many other types of projects.  The advantages to agile are communication with the customer and focus on delivering the most important aspects of a project.  The key to agile project management is that it approaches an optimal development path.

The concept of agile development was started by Kent Beck and other folks after the 1990’s concluded.  These folks recognized the shortcomings of the heavy, less optimal approaches.  Wikipedia has a short introduction to the Agile Manifesto and links to the manifesto site.

Optimal development path means spending the least amount of effort to obtain the desired results.  There are two parts two this process:  discovering the desired results and focusing on delivering them.  Agile is successful because it is a semi-structured way to discover and produce at the same time.

Optimal work depends on acknowledging certain truths.  I cover these truths and other aspects of my approach to agile project management in future posts.

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