Thoughts on Management

Today I created a page called Top 10 Management Principles as defined by myself.  In creating this page, I hope to bring clarity to my own ideas on effective management.  It is likely that the page will change quite a bit in the future.

The first principle is the 3 C’s: communication, collaboration and committment.

Communication builds trust and is required for any other principle to succeed.  Trust is often lost through silence.  When we don’t hear from people important in our lives, we often begin to think the worst.  Simply staying in touch is enough to keep trust alive.  Of course, the implication is that the communication is honest and accurate.

Collaboration is working together to some end.  It is a give-and-take interaction where all involved have input.  Collaboration has the effect of getting the best from everyone and at the same time maintains a positive energy environment.

Committment is buy-in to the goal and actions to back up that buy-in.  Committment is needed to adhere to the principles and to reach the finish line.

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