Article Review 6

Article: Get Rid of Performance Reviews

Ah, the thing to which we most look forward all year:  our performance review.  There is so much promise about what one could achieve for the company, for each other.  Unfortunately, as Samuel Culbert points out in this article, performance reviews accomplish the exact opposite of their purpose.  He recommends switching from a review to a preview where the manager is more of a coach driver employees to better performance throughout the year.

One point in the article that struct me was that part of a manager’s job is induce behavior in their reports that are beneficial to the company, but the behaviors encouraged by the performance review process are actually detrimental.  Employees position themselves to look good so they will be rewarded, and managers position themselves for justifying the current rewards given to the employees.  The desired behavior is that employees take responsibility for their contribution and managers take responsibility for building up the team.

Culbert’s idea for previews is a step in the right direction, however a preview process is still subject to sabotage by the players.  The article states that performance reviews are generally seen as a way to justify raises, or lack thereof, and this perception could still creep into the preview process.  What happens by at the end of the year when the employee only achieved 80% success?  There are twenty reasons that employee should not get a raise.  The way the manager presents a preview to an employee is key.  It should either be presented as a process that is just “part of the job,” or as a motivational tool to help the employee better themselves for intrinsic value.

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