Article: Diamonds in the Data Mine

Reference: Harvard Business Review, Gary Loveman

This is another great description of how ideas are formulated and tested using a reliable method. The article talks about how Harrah’s Entertainment analyzed customer behavior data to make decisions based on insight gained from the data.

The article says that Harrah’s mining and use of the data led to positive results in their business, however I submit there is something deeper going on here.  What really happened is that Harrah’s made an effort to understand their customers in order to figure out what the customers wanted from Harrah’s.  They dropped assumptions made by competitors and even internal analysis, took a step back and made an honest effort.  The fact that they used their existing data to achieve their goal, it was the commitment to bring value to the customer that made them successful.

Another aspect of Harrah’s success was the commitment to determining cause and effect and then measuring the results of actions taken.  These two steps are often ignored when businesses attempt to move forward.

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