Article Review

This review covers four articles about leadership.  A common thread of the article is what sort of character a good leader possesses.

Lt. John Withers

This article is about how Army Lt John Withers broke Army rules by allowing his unit to hide and take care of a couple of Holocaust survivors at the end of WWII.  His decision was based on compassion and the belief that these two young men would be better off with his unit.  Lt Withers’s decision built a strong bond between his unit and the two survivors. In the end, Lt Withers did not suffer negative consequences from his decision.

Colonel Dowdy

Col. Joe Dowdy faced a tough decision between men and mission.  This is a common military dilemma where a commander must weigh risk to the soldiers against risk to completing the mission.  In this case, Dowdy decided to slow and pause his progress to Bagdad in order to make sure that the risk to his marines was reasonable.  While Dowdy acted within the bounds of his discretion, his commanding officer believed his judgement was flawed and Dowdy lost his command.  Dowdy made a decision based on his own principles even though the consequences were very painful.

Steven Covey on Servant Leadership

Steven Covey talks about a servant approach to Leadership.  With this approach, a leader works with the team helping them accomplish their goals.  By working as a teammate rather than a dictator, the leader is able to share knowledge and guide results.

WSJ: Good Leadership Requires Executives To Put Themselves Last

This article looks at Michael Leven’s decision at US Franchise Systems to go public with the fact that the company was not going to meet its earnings targets.  The decision ultimately cost him is job.

Leven’s decision was based on his own sense of ethics which required him to be forthright with the shareholders of the company.  He was not legally required to provide the information.  As it turns out, the company eventually filed for bankruptcy and a couple of the owners were convicted of fraud.  This is a good example how it is a bad idea to be involved with shady people.

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