Article Review

Sounds of Silence

Two things caught my attention from this article:  individuals desire to have control over their immediate environment, and problems will accumulate to the point where they can no longer be hidden when discussing negative issues is forbidden.

As the article points out, fear is a major component of a silent organization.  Management fears employees who might point out some flaw in their leadership and employees fear what they don’t know.

Changing Others Through Changing Ourselves

The article cites the fact that 3/4 of TQM efforts have failed to achieve results and suggests that the reason for the failures is the failure to change the culture behind the processes.  The big blocker: company executives also need to make certain changes to enable changes they require from the rest of the organization.

Edward Deming would rarely if ever work directly with a company unless the board of directors would meet with him first.  He acted this way based on his insight that culture and process changes must be top-down.  If the company leaders were not willing to make changes, Deming knew that no effort to change would be successful.

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